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State Sees Merit in Vineyard Maritime Nonprofits

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

MV Times Article

October 30, 2018

“Clearly the Island has a long history of fishermen working very hard at sea to catch the wide variety of species that bless Martha’s Vineyard,” Amidon wrote in an email to The Times. “It is also clear that it is becoming harder for the small boat owner to compete with the large corporate fleets and the rising costs of fishing permits and shared quotas. I believe there is a direct link between locally harvested fish being sold locally by those fishermen and the health of the local economy. It is then vitally important that we find ways to sustain the local fishermen to preserve their access to these fisheries through permit banks to be held by the local people of Martha’s Vineyard. The Department of Fish and Game and the Division of Marine Fisheries continues to support the M..V Fishermen’s Preservation Trust in their efforts. This is one way that we can ensure a long-lasting, sustainable local fishery for these owner-operators.”

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