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Luke's Legacy

In June 2016, we lost one of our most beloved board members, Luke Gurney, at sea. 


With help from generous donors, we purchased Lukes' conch and sea bass, and scup permit from his family and created a program called "Luke’s Legacy" in his honor.

We aimed to sell Luke's permit to a local, qualified fisherman with restrictions that would make the permit forever connected to the island community.

In 2021, Fisherman Johnny Osmers became the recipient of Luke's conch, scup, and sea bass permit. He fishes our local waters today via the F/V Grayhaven.

To be selected for this opportunity, Johnny had to apply along with other fishermen, present a business plan, and show his qualifications to fish the permit efficiently and safely. As a part of Johnny’s agreement with the MVFPT, he will pay off the cost of the permit over time, while being able to fish. "Luke's Legacy" helps local fishermen have access to valuable and important fishing permits that would otherwise leave our community. We plan to continue to purchase sought-after fishing permits and sell them over time to qualified, island fishermen.

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