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Community Supported Fishery

A Community Supported Fishery (CSF), is an alternative way to sell fresh, locally sourced seafood, by offering shares of fresh seafood for a pre-paid membership fee. CSFs reduce the environmental impacts of seafood production, distribution, and consumption, reducing the seafood carbon footprint as much as 100 times that of conventional distribution!

When you buy a seafood share up front, you guarantee both an outlet and stable price for local catch. This not only supports our local fishermen, but it keeps our working waterfronts vibrant, and strengthens our local food system. The income from shares also supports our upfront costs, so we can better serve our fishermen and our mission.


Your CSF share will include an assortment of delicious, flash-frozen, locally caught fish. In addition to popular options like scallops, fluke fillets, black sea bass, or tuna, your bundle may include species like squid or monkfish. By consuming non-target species or underutilized fish, you are helping to relieve pressure on heavily fished stocks, and diversify our fishermen’s product base.


Our CSF seafood is flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed immediately upon arrival at our dock, capturing fish at its freshest point possible. Flash-freezing allows us to purchase as much as possible from fishermen during the season, without concern for supply and demand, as it can be saved and distributed when fresh seafood availability is low. This allows us to not only buy more, but to offer fishermen a more stable price for their hard-earned harvest. We are able to flash freeze fish thanks to a generous grant from the MV Bank, allowing the purchase of our new flash freezer!

Photo credit: Brooke Bartletta

CSF Memberships

Community Supported Fishery (CSF) Memberships


Registration is now open for our 2024 season!

A Summer Membership can begin anytime June through August and includes three (3) monthly pickups.


A Fall Membership runs September through October and includes two (2) monthly pickups.


Seasonal memberships come in Small and Large sizes.

Each pickup for a Large share includes 16–20 servings of locally caught seafood (enough for four people to eat once a week, for 4–5 weeks.)

Each pickup for a Small share includes 8–10 servings of locally caught seafood (enough for two people to eat once a week, for 4–5 weeks.)


Seafood options will change seasonally, depending upon our fishermen's catch. All seafood will be flash frozen immediately upon landing, ensuring that you are getting the freshest seafood possible!

Pickups are spaced 4 weeks apart, and will be available for you at the West Tisbury Farmers Market (MV Agricultural Hall) from 9AM – 12PM on the Wednesday or Saturday(s) that you select.

Reminders will be sent via text and email.

Each share includes one reusable insulated tote and ice pack which you will receive on your first distribution. Please remember to bring it back for your next pickup!


Thank you for supporting our fishermen!

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