The Martha’s Vineyard Sustainable Seafood Collaborative

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We have launched an urgent fundraising campaign to create the MV Sustainable Seafood Collaborative. We seek to raise $500,000 by February 2021 so the MVSSC can be operational by the start of the fishing season in April.

  • To date, we have raised $515,000 in pledges and donations towards our $500,000 goal!

  • This start-up capital will allow the program to operate for all of 2021


  • Our aim is for the program to be financially self-sustaining thereafter

MV Sustainable Seafood Collaborative Goals:

  • Save the 2021 commercial fishing season for Martha’s Vineyard’s locally owned, small-boat commercial fishing industry


  • Help preserve the iconic Menemsha waterfront as a working harbor for years to come


  • Stabilize over 100 local fishing businesses


  • ​Increase the availability of locally sourced seafood for Island restaurants and markets


  • ​Utilize surplus fish to create meals to be donated to families in need


Menemsha harbor building to be used as the headquarters for the MV Sustainable Seafood Collaborative. 

In order to move forward with the Martha’s Vineyard Sustainable Seafood Collaborative, we need to raise $500,000 by February. Why the rush? There is a lot to do to get the facility ready to operate for the start of the commercial fishing season in April. Repairs need to be made on the building, equipment needs to be purchased, permits to purchase and process fish need to be obtained, employees need to be hired, and seafood certification courses taken.

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Thank you to our wonderful supporters!

A special thank you to Betsy and Jesse Fink for their catalytic financial and advisory support over the past few months as MVFPT developed this initiative, to John Callagy and Kelley Drye & Warren LLP,

and Geoghan E. Coogan, Esq. for legal assistance


Sarah Bernard and James Seppala

$50,000 to $99,999

Cronin Family

Betsy and Jesse Fink*

Fred Khedouri and Sarah Glazer

$10,000 to $49,999


Karen and Dave Davis

The Fialkow Family Foundation at The Boston Foundation

John Fisher and Jennifer Caldwell

Travis Lenkner and Erin Delaney

Martha's Vineyard Community Foundation

John and Melissa McDonald

Jim and Susan Swartz

Alec and Sally Walsh

Amy and John Weinberg

515,000 (2).png

$2,500 to $9,999


Steve Bernier

Stephen and Pam Besse

The Biondi Family Fund

John Callagy

Captain Brian Curry 

Laurie David and Bart Thorpe

Cori and Kenny DiPietro

Michaelene Durst

Alex and Amy Finklestein

Elise and Greg Green (In memory of Howard B. Hillman Jr.)

Deborah Hancock

Beth Harris

Richard Kauffman and Ellen Jewett

John Keene Excavation

Christina Lurie

James Marrow and Emily Rose

Vivian and Lionel Spiro

Stanley Startzell and Debbi Zetterberg

Alexandra and David Stern

Jack and Lucy Taylor

Up to $2,499

Anonymous (3)

Warren Adams

Mark Alexander

Magdalena Andres

Christopher Anderson and Makenzie Brookes

Noah Asimow

Andrea Attisani

Bob Avakian

Paul Bagnall

Elizabeth Barnes

Donald Barrett

Brooke Bartletta

Beal Family Charitable Trust

Valerie and John Becker

Beetlebung Tree Care

Lawrence Bell

Wendy and Dan Bender

Linda Benton

Aram and Theresa Berberian

Deborah Birnbach

Karen Bishop

Janice Blum

Captain Mohawk Bolin

Kib and Tess Bramhall

Carol and George Brush

Judith Buss

Daniel Cahillane

Claire Callagy

Edward Cardoza

Katie Carroll

Allison Cameron Parry

Deborah Colgan

Catherine Colton

Sharon Cooke

Norma Costain and Geoff Kontje

Pamela and Bill Craven

Pamela Crigler

Marylouise Crofton-Atkins

Judith Crowley

Theresa Culletto

John Cushman

Elizabeth Dagres

Celeste Damon

David Damroth

Barbara and Miguel De Braganca (In memory of Howard B. Hillman Jr.)

Arne de Keijzer

Hannah de Keijzer

Abigail Dillon

Vicki Divoll

Niaz Dory

John Durovsik

Ed and Lea Edmundson

Craig and Alysa Emden

Linda Fairstein

Deborah Fehr

Corinne Field

Fred Fournier/Landscope

Ann Freedberg

Robert Gaffey

James Gammill

Patricia Garbutt

Marcia Gethin-Jones

Brian Giles

Andy Goldman and Susan Heilbron

Nina Gordon

Nancy and Rick Gould

Taylor Gould

James Graham

Gerald Green

Emma Green-Beach

Jane Greene

Jay Grossman and Nancy Grundman

Melissa and Fain Hackney

Richard Hall

Beth Harris

Clayton Henke

Carly Herosian

Abigail and Tony Higgins

Guinevere Higgins

Tatnall Hillman (In memory of Howard B. Hillman Jr.)

Janet Hofmann

Andrew and Ellen Jacknain

John Jacobs

Luanne Johnson

Tom Johnson

Gary Jones

Gerald Jones

James Joyce

Lauren Kelly

Michelle Kempner

J.R. Kern

Lisa Kerns

Ellie and Charlie Kirkpatrick

Roman Kogan

David Kolb

Joan Kriegstein

Kaitlyn Kurth

Rebecca and Paxson Laird

Peter Lambos

Richard Lambos

Elizabeth Laskin

Cilla Lavin

Elizabeth Lee

Ann Lees

Richard Leonard

Justin List

Clem and Diana Littleton

Gregory Lott

James Lukas

Maria Elena Lynch

Barbara MacLaughlin

Ian McLaughlin

Jim and Joan Malkin

Joshua Mangerson

Alison Manning and Alison Weaver

June Manning

Steve and Jean Mansfield

Courtney Marek

Martha's Vineyard Surfcasters Association

Captain Matt and Molly Mayhew

Simone Mazzanti

Elizabeth McGhee

David Merry

Catherine Minkiewicz

Heidi Modaro

Suzanne and Sergio Modigliani

Patrick Moran

Bob and Susan Morgenthau

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Nina Morris

Sandy and April Neubauer

Never Nominated Productions

Julia Neville

Andrew Noyes

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Liz Olson

Kirk Oswald

Ben Palaisa

Alex Pardo

Helen and Riggs Parker

John Pattison

Judy and Bob Peterson

Carollyn Philip

Molly Pickett

Francis Pitts

Jeffrey Pollard

Mary Rentschler and John Fuller

Jessica Roddy

Ellen and Jim Rogers

Cynthia Roy

Edwin Schlossberg

William Seward

Jeff and Deb Silliman Wass

Dardanella Slavin

Brian Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Eric Smith

Richard Smith

Margaret Snow

Valerie Sonnenthal

Jeffrey Spear

Julia Spiro

Bonnie Stacy

Nancy Strauss

Beth Swartz

Jeanne Swope

Julie Taymor

David Teitel

Zoe and Simon Thompson

Peter Tollman and Linda Kaplan

Elissa Turnbull

Peter Vaz

Lynn Vera

Mary Vivian and Kirk Briggs

Valerie Vivian

Carolyn and Phil Wallis

Robert Watt

Charles Wendel

Doug West and Irene Ziebarth

Soo Whiting

Vlad Wojcik

Phyllis Yale

To learn more about our plans check out the following news articles and read below:

The Problem:

In October 2020, the Island’s largest year-round wholesale seafood buyer, the Menemsha Fish House (MFH), permanently closed its doors. This closure could not have come at a worse time for Martha’s Vineyard’s small-boat fishing industry. Without this wholesale market, many of the Island’s fishermen are left without a large outlet for their catch. This will force some to travel to the mainland and others to end their fishing businesses entirely. Without any intervention, this market closure will almost certainly lead to the decline of our community fishing industry, decay of our working waterfront, and permanent loss of the authentic character and vitality of the Island’s harbors.

The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges in 2020 and increased the strain on Island businesses both on and off the water. Our fishermen have been navigating unpredictable market prices, lower demand, and the need to create new ways to sell their catch. In response, the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust launched our Community Seafood Program which helped fishermen and fed families in need by purchasing over 47,000 pounds of seafood from local fishermen, processing it into meals, and donating these meals to the island’s various charitable food organizations. While this program was very successful and we plan to continue it as needed, having a larger wholesale market is essential for the survival of many commercial fishing operations. Our Island fishermen need a way to sell the local seafood they harvest and have it distributed to Island markets, restaurants, and off-Island buyers.

Our Solution:

With the critical need for the Island’s community fishermen to have an outlet to sell their catch, we aim to launch the Martha’s Vineyard Sustainable Seafood Collaborative, which the MVFPT will operate as a local seafood wholesale buyer in MFH’s former harbor location starting in the spring of 2021. This new program will be capable of purchasing hundreds of thousands of pounds of local seafood year-round and distributing it on and off the Island, a vital service for Vineyard fishermen. Along with the opportunity to take over the former MFH location, we are also planning to bring Peter Lambos, MFH’s former General Manager, aboard as the Martha’s Vineyard Sustainable Seafood Collaborative’s Director of Operations. Pete’s direct, hands-on experience in managing MFH’s seafood purchasing and wholesale operation is an invaluable resource in successfully launching this new MVFPT initiative. Pete is a born and raised Islander and has spent nearly his entire professional career in service to his community.

pete at fish house.jpeg

Peter Lambos, working at the Menemsha Fish House

Prior to joining the Vineyard’s commercial fishing industry at MFH, Pete served as Executive Director of the MV Boys & Girls Club (2007-2016) and as General Manager of the MV Ice Arena (2016-2018). Pete’s community ties and experience in both non-profit and seafood industry management make him a perfect fit to lead this initiative. The Martha’s Vineyard Sustainable Seafood Collaborative will support the mission of the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust by 1) providing a competitive wholesale market for local fishermen and aquaculture farmers to sell their entire catch, 2) educating the public and customers to increase the value and demand for locally caught and produced seafood, and 3) preserving the culture and heritage of the historically vital fishing industry on the Island. As a completely local operation run by our non-profit organization, the Martha’s Vineyard Sustainable Seafood Collaborative will be focused on serving the Island’s community fishermen and supplying the Island with local seafood.

Fundraising Goal and Timeline:

In order to move forward with the Martha’s Vineyard Sustainable Seafood Collaborative, we need to raise $500,000 by February. Why the rush? There is a lot to do to get the facility ready to operate for the start of the commercial fishing season in April. Repairs need to be made on the building, equipment needs to be purchased, permits to purchase and process fish need to be obtained, employees need to be hired, and seafood certification courses taken.